5 Ways to Compete with Sharp Minded People

If you ever feel frustrated to see your juniors getting promoted, while you still stand at the base, then you need to change your way of working and you also need to improve your thinking ability. Do not be surprised if your junior is effortlessly remembering things and if he is able to take decisions promptly. Perhaps, he knows the secret to boost his memory and improve his thought process.

You need something that will help you to improve your thinking ability and handle challenging situations at work place. For instance, Ginkgo helps to increase blood flow and sharpens the memory. There are similar drugs in the market, which will help you in the long run to remember things and complete deadlines on time.


5 Ways to Compete with Sharp Minded People

  1. Brain Exercises:

Body exercises are not sufficient to improve the blood flow to your brain. There are other forms of exercises that prevent the plaque to build up in your arteries and blood vessels. Meditation and yoga are the two forms that have shown successful results in removing depression, improving memory, and bringing peace to the mind.

  1. Eliminate Stress:

Stress is one of the main culprits for the current state of your mind. It prevents good thoughts to run in the brain and you may also stop thinking wisely. You need to list down the things that are causing stressful situations in your life. Try to avoid these or eliminate these from your life.

  1. Make a Journal:

If you cannot remember many things at a time, just remember one thing and that is to maintain a journal. Keep a private journal always with you and write down things that you fear of forgetting. Going through the journal every hour or every day, will help you to memorize things. Journals and to do lists also improve the capacity to remember the tasks and submit them on time.

  1. Relax Your Mind:

One of the essential things to do is to relax your mind. Do your favorite activities, watch your favorite movie, play your favorite sport, or eat your favorite food. The intention is to relax the strained muscles and veins of your brain. Sometimes, it is OKAY to do crazy things in life.

  1. Eat Healthy Foods:

Junk food creates junk thoughts and slowly kills the thinking ability. Eating healthy foods protect neurons from any damage. For instance, eggs, veggies, fruits and lean proteins. Some medicines like Ginkgo helps to increase blood flow too.

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