Buying Hot Towel Cabinet – What to Know

A moist, warm or dry towel is an ideal welcome treat for every customer. These hard working towel warmers are a must regardless of where it is used, be it in body care, aesthetic or in salon services. There are a lot of models, shapes, sizes, great colors and prices available in different sizes. You will definitely find a towel warmer that fits your budget and your business requirements. Hot towel cabinets selection comprises small capacity cabinets that can contain as little as 12 hot hand towels, to extra-large capacity hot towel cabinets that can hold 360 hot towels. Features include steam heat, UV sterilizer and an adjustable temperature.

A lot of people might think using a towel warmer as a luxury rather than a necessity, but this is a wrong perception. Pick the best salon towel warmer to keep your clients warm and provide effective treatment to them. In warmer months, towel warmers are a preferred choice. Most elite bathrooms use towel warmers. Towel warmers can be used in bedroom to make the bed sheets warm.

Although the towel warmer provide a good touch after a time in the pool or a body massage, it is also essential for providing some spa services. The moisture and heat from the towel can also relax muscles, expose the pores or get the skin ready for different treatments.Image result for Buying Hot Towel Cabinet – What to Know

Picking the best towel warmer cabinet can help get a good deal of precision in temperature that cannot be delivered by the cheaply created towel warmer products. There is an assortments of styles and sizes from which you can make your choice. If you have a small room space then you should buy the mini towel warmer.

You can check out the specifications of different hot towel cabinets to get all the necessary information about all available  options. Hot towel cabinets working mechanism are all the same. Just switch on the unit, and it will gain a pre-set temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. UV bulb is a great option for maintaining the clean environment, eliminating pathogens like bacteria, mold and mildew.

The best option for salon or spa is the pre-moistened towels are the great and efficient means to offer extra comfort rather than doing laundry and wet the towel. it saves time too.

Whenever you are purchasing a towel heater you need to consider factors like installation.

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