Feel Good About Yourself with New Clothes

Are you feeling down in the dumps? If you are wearing baggy tops, jeans and a sweatshirt than you might be feeling depressed and or sad according to a new study. Scientist believe that there is a link between our emotional state and what we choose to wear. If you are feeling happy than you are more likely to be wearing a dress, jewelry or nice jeans. It seems that what we wear reflects our mood or at least we want it to. So if we are feeling down we are more likely to wear feeling down apparel versus if we are happy than we are more likely to wearing happy apparel. In another article is stated that the clothes we wear tend to reflect and affect our self-image, mood, confidence and health. And here you thought it was just laundry day. When we wear clothing we pick up on the characteristics of that piece of clothing. So, the question must be asked, are you wearing the clothing or is the clothing wearing you? You can alter the way you think based on what you are wearing.


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