Obsessed with Cats? Here Are 5 Reasons on How Cats Makes You Healthier and Happier

Let’s celebrate dear cat lovers!   Cats are already proven to be not just an adorable and cute creature, they can also help the human kind in regards with physical and mental health. Many studies and researches showed that having cat companion could provide several benefits, from increasing self-confidence to improving one’s mood.3Having said that, here are few reasons from professional North Ryde animal hospital why your feline friends can make you better than ever:

Kitty friends are good for your heart!

Though this is not all about being good romantically but literally, it is an ideal option to make your heart happier through your cat companion. You know that having stroke is not a joke.  However, based on a 2008 research on University of Minnesota, cat owners have less chance to get a heart attack. This study involves around 4500 individuals that lasted within 10 years. With that, researchers concluded that most of the cat lovers lower down their chance on heart attack unlike those who don’t own cats.

They can help you combat depression.

One of the most calming and soothing experience you can have in the world is petting your dear kitty companion on your lap. And it does not stop there. They can also boost up your mood and be a positive distraction especially for people who struggle the most with anxiety and depression.  In addition to this, they also spice your social activity and sense of responsibility.  Through assisting them to play and groom, feeding them or even taking care of them lets you worries go away temporarily.3

You won’t get lonely with them.

Most social services as well as medical practices these days who’d been very thankful on the presence of cats especially for lonely individuals out there.  Cats form invaluable friendship with their owners asthey can ease that certain feeling of loneliness. At the end of a stressful and tiring day, they are the ones who can listen to your complaints without complaining.  Miami University conducted a study and proved that people who come home for their cat lived longer than expected. Unconsciously, your cat can fulfill the social needs of their owners and most of the time, way better than real people can do.

They are an expert of meditation.

Everyone wants to have a life of our feline companion especially when they are free from paralysis tick symptoms after removal according to Gordon vet hospital.  Even though they are not working, they have unlimited food supply, warm cuddles, sleeps oftentimes and many more. They are free from any stress. Most importantly, they effortlessly reach Zen. This is known to be the total appreciation of today and being lost right on the absolute tranquility we’ve been searching in health retreats and spas.

You can’t keep have a poker face all day long with them.

Absolutely yes! They can make you laugh all day long.  They are too hilarious because they are simply cute. As a matter of fact, it is one reason why they are one of funniest video in internet since you’ll surely enjoying laughing with their outright fails and playful mishaps.

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